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Hua Hin Hardline on Alcohol

In a proactive effort to ensure a safer and more responsible celebration environment, Hua Hin District is taking the lead in Thailand with its stringent controls on alcohol sales during the New Year festivities. This initiative, spearheaded by Hua Hin's own Public Health Officer, Mr. Jenwit Phalitsak, sets a precedent for other districts in the country, showcasing Hua Hin's dedication to public safety.

Hua Hin Wine Bar

The operation, which commenced on December 28, 2023, saw a concerted effort from various Hua Hin departments. Key officials, including District Chief Clerk Mr. Montri Manichpong and Excise Department Officer Mr. Witya Promyotha, joined forces with local police, Hua Hin Hospital pharmacy staff, and members of the Public Health and Legal Division of Hua Hin Municipality. Their unified approach underlines Hua Hin's commitment to community well-being.

This campaign is not just about enforcement; it's an educational drive, targeting a wide range of stakeholders within Hua Hin. Business owners from shops, restaurants, hotels, and pharmacies, along with personnel at transportation stations and government offices, are being actively engaged. This comprehensive approach reflects Hua Hin's community-centric values.

The need for such measures is underscored by alarming statistics from the previous year's New Year festival, where 96% of road accidents and fatalities in the district involved alcohol. With Hua Hin experiencing a surge in road traffic during the festival season, the district's focus on preventing alcohol sales to individuals under 20 and intoxicated persons is a testament to its dedication to residents' safety.

In an unprecedented move, Hua Hin is also tackling vendors who sell alcohol to underage drivers involved in accidents. This initiative, coupled with restrictions on alcohol sale timings and campaigns against promotional sales and advertising of alcoholic beverages, places Hua Hin at the forefront of responsible alcohol management.

During the recent operation, 85 establishments in Hua Hin were inspected, most of which aligned with the district's safety goals. This overwhelming cooperation highlights the strong community spirit in Hua Hin and its role as a model for other districts in Thailand. The Hua Hin District's efforts in ensuring a safe New Year celebration are not just commendable but could very well set a new standard for public safety initiatives nationwide.

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