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Tour Bus Accident Near Hua Hin: A Reminder of Road Safety Importance

PRACHUAB KIRI KHAN – In a shocking incident highlighting the importance of road safety, particularly for the many tourists traveling through Hua Hin, a tour bus en route from Bangkok to popular destinations Koh Tao and Koh Pha Ngan met with a grave accident. The bus crashed into a mahogany tree near Hua Hin, in Prachuab Kiri Khan province, in the early hours of Sunday.

Tour Bus Accident Near Hua Hin

The tragedy occurred around the treacherous Khao Pho curve on Phetkasem Road, not far from the Hua Hin region, a route frequented by locals and tourists alike. Lieutenant Colonel Sarawut Nuchrang, investigating inspector of Bang Saphan Noi Police Station, confirmed the location as Chaiyarat Subdistrict, Bang Saphan Noi District, highlighting the proximity to Hua Hin's bustling community.

Of the 29 passengers, four sustained serious injuries, including three foreign nationals and one Thai citizen. These include 33-year-old Miss Kapoguzova from Turkey, 24-year-old Miss Arianna from Brazil, 31-year-old Miss Kolesnikova from Russia, and 64-year-old Miss Suda, a Thai national. This incident has raised concerns within the Hua Hin expatriate community, who often travel these routes.

The driver, Mr. Krit Malison of Lomprayah Company, reportedly lost control while overtaking another vehicle, leading to the catastrophe. His charge of careless driving causing harm underlines the need for stringent road safety measures, a topic of much discussion among Hua Hin's local administration and tourism boards, who prioritize the safety of travelers in the region.

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