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Sansiri and Chirathivat in New Business Adventure with The Standard Residences

In a groundbreaking move, Sansiri PLC, a titan in Thailand's real estate sector, and the Chirathivat family, leaders in the Thai retail industry, have joined forces. This partnership heralds a new era in the Thai property market, particularly in the prestigious areas of Hua Hin and Phuket. Sansiri, known for its innovative approach to property development, and the Chirathivat family, under the leadership of Mr. Bhumi Chirathivat of CG Capital Advisory, bring together a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to luxury living.

The Standard Residences Hua Hin

The collaboration has created ripples in the real estate markets of Hua Hin and Phuket, two of Thailand's most prominent tourist destinations. These areas are witnessing a renaissance in luxury property development, driven by the unique synergy of Sansiri's real estate expertise and the Chirathivat family's retail acumen. The entry of 'The Standard' branded residences is set to redefine luxury living in these regions, attracting both international and domestic high-end buyers.

'The Standard' residences, a concept born from this collaboration, are set to offer unparalleled luxury. These residences come in three formats: standalone residences, residences integrated with hotels, and a rental pool model. Each type promises an exclusive living experience with access to world-class amenities and services. The project in Phuket, "The Standard Residences Bangtao," is particularly noteworthy as the first of its kind in the region, setting a new benchmark in luxury condominiums.

This venture is not just a one-off endeavor but part of a larger investment strategy. The plan includes continuous development in key tourist locations like Hua Hin, leveraging the growing tourism business. This strategic investment is anticipated to catalyze further growth in the luxury real estate sector in Thailand.

The development of 'The Standard' residences is expected to significantly boost tourism in Thailand, particularly in the post-COVID era. This increase in high-end tourism is likely to have a positive ripple effect on the local economies of Hua Hin and Phuket, with increased demand in various sectors including retail, services, and entertainment.

When compared with other luxury developments in Thailand by prominent developers like Origin, Sisza Group, and Asset Wise, 'The Standard' residences stand out for their unique blend of luxury and lifestyle. The project sets a new standard in luxury living, appealing to a discerning clientele looking for exclusivity and top-tier amenities.

The partnership between Sansiri and the Chirathivat family is a landmark in Thailand's luxury real estate sector, introducing 'The Standard' residences to Hua Hin and Phuket. This collaboration not only elevates the standard of luxury living but also promises to invigorate the local economies and the broader tourism sector. Looking ahead, this venture is poised to reshape the landscape of Thailand's luxury property market, setting a precedent for future developments and drawing international attention to the country's potential as a hub for high-end residential and tourism projects. The ripple effects of this collaboration will be felt across the real estate and tourism industries, marking a new chapter in the story of Thai luxury living.

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