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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Hua Hin

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

When you're looking to get in some light exercise or grind out an intense workout, there's no better place than the new refurbished storage building just off the main road in Hua Hin soi 94. Fight Nation offer everything from heavy bags and pads on the ground all of way up through jiu-jitsu mats that can be used for training purposes by any skill level!

With its great location just off Hua Hin Soi 94 sounded by cafes with plenty parking available right next door at The Car Park Café (which also has delicious food), this venue is perfect whether your goal is weight loss/control; self defense skills development - anything really because they've got it covered here including cardio equipment too.

Granted that this editor is a member at the Jiu-jitsu club there might be some bias, but under the guidance of a 4th dan Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master, everyone regardless of skill level is bound to learn a thing or two during training.

According to Fight Nations philosophy you will be trained as a warrior in mind and body with an emphasis on self-improvement, every day, while becoming more confident that one day we can live into the ideal of being healthy individuals who contribute positively towards society. Whether new or experienced fighters alike find their fit within these hallowed walls; each person is welcomed by the two Brazilian native instructors ready at any time to assist them along the way - no matter what stage they're currently at.

In addition to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Fight Nation also offers, a complete gym, Muay Thai ring, a café, and plenty of cross-fit equipment to keep you busy hours of training.

For more information and booking visit:

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