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New Radisson Resort & Spa Hua Hin

The Radisson Hotel Group has been on an expansion tear in Thailand with the recent signing of two new properties. The first, which will be opening soon at Hua Hin Beach Front Resort & Spa under Destination Groups guidance follows closely after they recently opened their newest hotel near Phuket Town Center that is also managed by this private equity real estate investment company.

The second property was announced just last month when it was revealed RHG had partnered up again applying their expertise into what could potentially become another iconic destination spot for travelers coming from around Asia.

The Hua Hin beach front Radisson is expected to open in February 2023, which is just a few months from the time of writing. The new location will not replace the old one, just opposite the palm hills golf and residence.

Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Southeast Asia for travelers and has seen a strong rebound following its reopening to international visitors without testing or quarantine requirements. Hua Hin, an seaside town known as a family-friendly destination thanks it proximity (and relative safety) near Bangkok with beautiful white sand beaches nearby--is emerging again thanks largely due this year's global recovery from economic troubles that have plagued many parts our planet these past few years.

Many people want unique experiences outside their home country; but when you're traveling abroad there are even more things than just sightseeing! You can learn about other cultures through activities like cooking classes at Restaurants tailored specifically towards tourists who come here looking not only delicious food...

The new Radisson will open opposite Hua Hin Royal golf course in the middle of town and is already looking to be jam packed with luxury accommodation and gourmet restaurant experiences. As we approach February, there will be more updates in Radisson Resort & Spa in Hua Hin.

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